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your server hates you


Ever catch the defeated little sighs accidentally escaping your server’s lips? Ever wonder if you may be the cause? Well wonder no more. Wait Crimes presents a cast of underdog food-service industry staff that indulge us in their everyday rage-fantasies provoked by colorful patrons who constantly test the limits of their patience, sanity, and restraint from homicide.

Justice is Served.


Creator, EP, Writer, Actor / Virginia Tran
Producer, Writer, Actor / Darius De La Cruz
Producer, Writer, Actor / Stephanie Mazariego
Director / Caleb King
Director of Photography / Marcus Johannes



Virginia Tran


Virginia Tran grew up in a Buddhist monastery with a genuine affinity toward creativity; a drive that launched her journey into the arts. Diving head first to diversify her talents, she dabbled in dance at multiple lauded dance studios and grew her actor's practice with Meisner training. Working behind the camera on projects like Prized, Katie, and Rock the House, Virginia took the knowledge gained from those experiences to produce a commercial in a MoFilms competition, placing top 5. Being the Creator and Executive Producer of Wait Crimes has been the sum of all her endeavors, kerneling from the desire to create something meaningful for and with her friends. Rebellious server and advocate for serving up justice promptly and piping hot.


Darius De La Cruz


Darius De La Cruz has worked in independent film since 2015 as a lead in the feature PNW. The Comeback, NCIS: LA, and the forthcoming pilot Pure Genius are favorite on-screen credits, among others. Coach and house-team performer at iO West, as well as company member at Rogue Machine Theatre. Accomplished diner.


Stephanie Mazariego


Stephanie Mazariego has held a love for writing, performance, and film for as long as she can remember. Obtaining a Masters of Arts in Screenwriting, she propelled herself into an immersive quest to create work for herself and the talented diversity around her. Besides a published full length feature film thesis, Wait Crimes will be Stephanie's fully produced writing debut. Food adventurer. Service Industry empathizer. Good Tipper.


CAleb King


Caleb King has been pursuing a directing career in film and television for the past two years. Choosing a different path from the traditional film school he has trained and educated himself through workshops, literature and on set experience. He currently just directed the entire first season of the web series Wait Crimes and is set to direct a short film this fall. Prefers his justice shaken, not stirred.

Marcus Johannes


A transplant from Orlando Florida, Marcus has worked with and along side Hulu, CBS, AEG, Universal, Cross Creek, Samsung, Sapient Nitro, Nike, Capital Records, NBC Universal, Samsung, Mass Appeal Records, Skybound and many more. From commercials to narrative film, Marcus has the vision and skill-set to see projects through with a cinematic eye and innovative techniques. Utilizing the most cutting edge technologies he brings studio quality visuals to any remote location. Currently working with Wevr, Surreal, and We Are Famous to produce the most immersive content with-in Virtual Reality. Puppy enthusiast.


News & Updates

Film Festivals are in our future!

Wait Crimes   is the   #WINNER   for  BEST WEB SERIES  at  IFS FILM FESTIVAL ! We are also an  Official Selection at WEBFEST NEW YORK ! We couldn't be happier--it's like when there's dead food in the window and we're the first ones there...

Wait Crimes is the #WINNER for BEST WEB SERIES at IFS FILM FESTIVAL! We are also an Official Selection at WEBFEST NEW YORK! We couldn't be happier--it's like when there's dead food in the window and we're the first ones there...